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The app that motivates kids to complete their chores

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Add Chores

Rub your hands together, and have fun as you assign your child's chores. Homework, laundry, cleaning, you name it.

Create fun rewards to motivate

We all know children will work harder if they have something to look forward to at the end.Harnessing this superpower will have your house clean in no time.

Track their progess

Parents can easily view what chores their kids have completed, what their working on, and how close they are to accomplishing their goal.

Get Chores Done

Chore Hero will give your child the motivation they need to finally do their chores.

Foster Work Ethic

Chore Hero gives children the opportunity to set a goal and work towards it.

Avoid the hassle

No longer are the days of arguing with your kids about chores... just enter your chores and watch your kids work.

Our Story

We're Kayson and Julian, high school students from Northern Colorado. Together, we've created Chore Champion. With 6 siblings between us, we've seen just how crazy things can get. Chore Champion find it's roots in the classroom, and after hours of poring over code, creating presentations to raise funding, and reaching out to get help from around the community, we are happy to present Chore Champion. Our hope is that it can help things go a little smoother in your home.

This app had helped my kids do so well with their chores. They have never been so excited to do their chores.

My kids are now more enthusiastic than ever to do their chores! John recently earned his reward of a night at laser tag and boy I’ve never seen him so happy!

My kids are loving it and chores are finally getting done :)

This app is exactly what my family needed!

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